giovedì 24 ottobre 2013


The initiative STOP VIVISECTION has been launched without any big economic resources or complex organizational machines. This initiative can therefore succeed only thanks to the help and support of every single citizen, committee, association or activist.
Here you are what you can do:
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube! You will be able to follow the initiative step by step, read the latest news, ask questions of our team and much more!
Subscribe our newsletter. To receive all the updates on the initiative, you can subscribe to our newsletter (using the dedicated box in the right column).
Spread the cause with STOP VIVISECTION banner and refer the initiative petition to your friends. Publish on your blog or website the STOP VIVISECTION banner: click here to choose your banner.
Download flyers and posters. Click here to download STOP VIVISECTION flyers and posters.

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